Dear Sirs,

PHP PRONUM stands ready to perform an upgrade of your numerically controlled machining tools. This is the cheapest, and often employed, method of bringing a factory's equipment up to date. We assume that your factory has numerically controlled machining tools (lathes, bores, milling machines or machining centres) which have already became obsolete, and which need a general overhaul. The overhaul would most likely include replacement of control, measurement and power transmission systems. This is very often the case with machining tools originating from the ex-Soviet block countries - their control systems are obsolete and unreliable, making operating and maintenance costly and cumbersome.

The most cost-effective mode of performing an overhaul of such machines is whereby hydraulical and mechanical components are repaired internally by your company, while PRONUM provides them with new electric and electronic systems, including PRONUM 600 numerical control systems.

When you are done with mechanical and hydraulical components, PRONUM takes it over to:

You will then get a one-year guarantee on all works done by PRONUM.

The above procedure was successfully employed in PZL Świdnik, where several milling machines went through a general overhaul. We present it here as an example.

Optionally, you can do all the work yourselves - in such a case PRONUM provide you with technical assistance from its experts.

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