PHP PRONUM Ltd was established in 1989 by a group of highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field of design, programming and manufacturing of numerical control systems for machine tools. They had acquired their skills and experience during many years' practice in the industry, mostly in Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing Centre in Pruszków, also in FO Mechanicy Pruszków and ZE WAREL Warszawa. One of their most notable professional achievements was that their design - numerical control system for machine tools, called NUMS - was implemented into serial production in 70s. It was them, the then founders of PRONUM, who designed USN NUMS 331/332 FC, and played an active role in its implementation. One might say NUMS is a history. It is indeed, but at that time it was well up to the European industry standards, while skills and experience of the engineers became a capital for the future, constantly utilised and developed. Their experience, correct assessement of their capabilities, combined with a lack of domestically-produced system which could provide an alternative for imported systems, eventually triggered the decision about setting up this company. The goal was to design, manufacture and sell a modern numerical control system for CNC machine tools. This goal was achieved. Today, over 700 machine tools throughout Polish industry are equipped with PRONUM 600 control systems. As of today, PRONUM offers the following products:

CNC PRONUM 640 FC  -  control system for milling machines and machining centres
CNC PRONUM 630 T  -  lathe control system
CNC PRONUM 640 EDM  -  EDM control system
CNC PRONUM 650 TC  -  lathe centre control system

We also offer modernisation services, mostly replacement of old control systems with CNC PRONUM 600 sets.

PRONUM customer list includes:

PRONUM 600 control systems are much appreciated by users thanks to their reliability, precision and ease of use. They are installed in new machines manufactured by toolmakers; they are also installed in machines modernised by PRONUM, by a service company cooperating with PRONUM or by the end-users themselves. In every case PRONUM provides technical assistance in the scope required. According to our analyses, users choose USN PRONUM 600 sets instead of imported sets because:

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